Green Simba

Abundance kit, Crystals, meditation, abundance,

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Manifesting gift. Gorgeous miniature cupped hands containing a green aventurine crystal, Reiki infused. Green Aventurine is known as the 'Stone of Opportunity' and considered the luckiest of all crystals. It's winning energy makes it an invaluable stone for manifesting abundance, whether that is in financial wealth, or any area that you desire abundance. The powerful energy of Green Aventurine is associated with improved chances of success. Carry it with you if you are manifesting opportunity, such as a promotion, new relationship, or a windfall. The gorgeous hands that I have paired this with are perfect for placing your crystal in at night. Simply place your Green Aventurine in the cupped hands that symbolise receiving and place them near your bed. Allow the power of this stone to work while you sleep, letting the abundance you ask for flow to you. The good fortune of the Reiki prosperity symbol, the Midas Star is a perfect accompaniment to this abundance kit. It is the symbol of flowing prosperity in Seichem Reiki and helps bring about success in all areas of life. Attune with this symbol by carrying it with you, placing it somewhere you will see it. If you want to connect with this symbol further practice drawing it in green pen while focusing on your desires. Fold your drawing and keep it in a special box, or carry it with you. Good luck, I hope you love this as much as I do. Contains: One white resin cupped hands. One Green Aventurine Tumble-stone. One Reiki Prosperity Symbol. Wishing you prosperity and abundance. Karen :)