Gua Sha Tools Medical Grade Stainless Steel Massage Tool Body Guasha Scraping Tools Soft Tissue Therapy Sidekick Tool Massager Tool Body Relieve Back,Legs,Arms,Shoulder,Neck,Muscle Pain(Sickle Shape)

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Brand: Leoewo

Color: Steel Gua Sha Scraping Tool


  • Full Body Gua Sha Massager and Physical Therapy Tool:The scraping massage tool can reduce recovery time,soreness while helping to heal deep soft tissue damage,myofascial release and break down scar tissue.the gua sha scraping tool has a double beveled edge running completely around your skin.the gua sha scraping massage tool gua-sha tool massage tools/sha gua tool/guasha tool is great for shoulder,knee,arms,neck,calves,back,heel,palm,hip,legs,foot,ankle,forearm,spine,wrist,cervical,muscles etc.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY-graston tools/ gua-sha tool/steel qua sha massage tool/gua sha scraper /deep tissue muscle massage tool/ physical therapy tool is 7.8 x 1.41 inches,Crafted with great quality professional medical-grade ecofriendly bulk hard metal stainless steel and Smooth Edge.polished like a mirror,gua sha scraping tool/ curve sidekick massage tool/huasha tool/guasha board/ iastm tool/gia sha tools is large enough to handle,it westerner,can massage by self,easy clean and unbreakable,reduce pain
  • Multipupose Using-the gaston massage tool is a simple,efficient,Chinese traditional healing physical therapy massaging technique with immediate results.scar massage tool/sha massage tool is work well for anyone,like soprtsman,laborer,woker,women,men,the aged.assisted soft tissue mobilization,muscle acid bilges,Other benefits: treats plantar fasciitis, myofascial release, anti-aging,breaks down scar tissue, improves blood circulation mobility, reduces body pain, stimulate the immune system.
  • Easy Carry,Easy Clean,Easy Use:The gu sha massage tools/gia sha tools/gu sha scraping tool is light to carry to everywhere,include workplace,journey,SPA,keep beauty and healthy and injury prevention & recovery fast,reduce stress after you workout a day or go travelling ,Just cleaning with a cloth,Whether you are providing relief as a practicing professional,working over your own muscles,a professional healthcare provider,fostering faster recovery and providing a way to maintain an optim
  • FREE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 2 VIDEOS-describes the Gua Sha benefits and instructions for use and key points of this massage technique.We strongly suggest you to Watch the videos before start the therapy.This Skin Scraping Tool/massager tool/quasha massage tools/hip massage tool/edge massage tool/massage therapy tools/massage guasha plate is very versatile and can be implemented using just about any technique.You won't be disappointed in the quality and performance of gua sha scraping massage tool.

Publisher: Leoewo

Details: Are you looking for a better full body massage tool?
Enjoy the freedom of using Gua Sha technique at home whenever you need it without spending your time and money on expensive massage treatments.
And since choices are hard and stressful, with the guasha boards you can use the technique for all purposes: treatments, relaxation, beauty and self-care.

What is gua sha?
Gua sha is a traditional chinese medical treatment in which the skin with lubricant,emollient,oil,coconut oil,a lotion skin cream or other medium is scraped to produce light petechiae.Practitioners believe that gua sha releases unhealthy bodily matter from blood stasis within sore, tired
stiff or injured muscle areas to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas, thus promoting metabolic cell repair,regeneration,healing and recovery.

What is the benefit of Gua Sha massage?
By repeatedly scraping the skin with a Stainless steel scraping board/massage guasha plate to make the skin become expansion and contraction.
Thus, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism to make your skin tissue more elastic, eliminate the lactic acid from your muscle, recover you from fatigue.
That's why so many professional athletes and celebrities like doing Stainless steel gua sha massage, so that it will help them stay healthy and beautiful.

How is Gua Sha Applied?
Gua Sha is stimulating to the immune system, detoxifies, increases circulation,regulates organ function,normalizes metabolic processes,removes stagnation and eases pain.After a Gua Sha treatment, a patient usually feels a shift or release especially if there was pain.
There is often sweating which is the body's way of releasing toxins that have been inside the body.Gua Sha revitalizes,rejuvenates,helps diminish stress,fatigue and severe exhaustion.
It helps to release emotions,relaxes the body and helps to clear the mind and senses.

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