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Mata Mini Twins Set

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Save more with this special set which includes 2 Mini Massage balms and 2 Homeopathic Herbal Inhalers, perfect for a couple who are on-the-go or simply just for you who wants to have 2 sets of each in different purse, bag or car.

Mata Mini Massage Balm : All natural herbal healing balm with coconut oil based. This luxurious balm will wondrously relieve your muscle aches, soreness and pains, as well as treat insect bites, itchiness, bruises, rashes, hives, boils and skin irritations. To make our balm more extraordinary than others, we carefully picked and processed 8 tropical herbs by hands for long period of time in heated coconut oil to preserve the highest healing qualities. With its aromatic scent makes our balm also effective as an inhaler and cooling sinus decongestant. Lovingly made and brought to you from Samui Island, Thailand.

Ingredients : Aloe Vera, Barleria Lupulin, Beach Morning Glory, Betel Leaf, Camphor, Clinacanthus Nutan Lindau, Coconut Oil, Crinum Veld Lily, Garden Quinine, Menthol, Paraffin, Petrolatum, Zingiber Cassamunar

Net Wt 0.1 oz. (3ml)

Mata Herbal Inhaler ; Our Inhaler is a great homeopathic alternative for relief of dizziness, nasal congestion and headaches or simply for refreshment and energization at anytime of the day. Delicately made with an ancient Thai recipe, combining 7 Sun-dried tropical herbs, then topped with the rich aroma of pure camphor.

Ingredients : black pepper, borneol, camphor, clove, logusticum root, mace, menthol

Net Wt 0.1 oz/2.85 g.