Overnight Cleansing Foot Pads, Tourmaline Pads to Clean and Energize Your Body (30)

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Brand: Verseo


  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: These body cleansing pads will safely pull toxins from the body through the soles of your feet. The best part is, they are made with all-natural ingredients! Some of the ingredients we include are: globular wood vinegar, eucalyptus, tourmaline (mineral), and menthol (peppermint). Unlike cheap imitations, Verseo's cleansing pads use optimum blending ratios for the best results.
  • TOURMALINE FOR CLEANSING: Tourmaline is a natural mineral that is found in the rainforests of Brazil and possesses the ability to generate negative ions, which are thought to have a soothing effect on your body. The various acupressure meridian points for many vital organs are located on the sole of the foot and these generated ions stimulate those areas, improving your body's overall circulation.
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: You can trust that these pads work, because a lot of time and research has been put into their development. In fact, Japanese scientists have worked for over 24 years to develop this innovative technology, making these premium cleansing foot pads one of the best on the market. This unique blend of ingredients helps provide stress relief, improved circulation, and much more!
  • HOW THEY WORK: Although these pads can be applied to other areas of the body, it's best to apply them to the feet. This is because feet have over 60 reflexology meridian points, making them the best place to apply these energy patches. Gravity and your body's natural defense system push toxins away from your organs, which is yet another reason the foot is the best area of extraction.
  • VERSEO QUALITY: Verseo, Inc. is a company based in New York. We create and manufacture some of the highest-quality health, wellness, and beauty products on the market. Each of our products is made by people like you who care about their work and the impact they can have on the world! You'll love any product you get from Verseo because we always keep your happiness and safety in mind.

Publisher: Verseo

Details: Whether it be through the food you consume, the air you breathe, or your surroundings, toxins are bound to enter your body on a daily basis. The problem with this is that there are not many things that can flush a lot of these toxins from the body. Verseo has thought of a solution to this problem. Body cleansing is essential to healthy organ function, overall relaxation, and restful sleep. These foot patches work to restore internal vitality overnight and can provide you with natural energy in the day that follows. No matter your motivation for trying these pads, you will receive an all-inclusive body cleansing experience. Other popular brands do not even compare when it comes to our proprietary formula. We have included a variety of useful ingredients in our foot pads and use unique blending ratios. The ingredients we include in our stress relief formula are: eucalyptus, dextrin (vegetable source), globulus wood vinegar, agaricus mushroom, menthols (peppermint), tourmaline (natural mineral), and silica dimethicone silylate. The many benefits of these amazing foot pads include arthritis pain relief, increased energy, enhanced mental clarity and focus, and it helps soothe headaches. Each order comes with two sets of pads so you will have one to place on the bottom of each of your feet. We sell these premium foot patches in boxes of 10, 30, and 90. Feel free to use these patches as often as you need to feel results. These pads are Verseo's top return-customer product, which is just further evidence to the fact that you will be satisfied with your purchase. The ingredients in these innovative cleansing pads have even been known to draw harmful metal out of the body. Cleanse your body of harmful toxins today with Verseo.

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